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Gabrielle Roper Digital Marketing Manager

"I started at Intragen as a graduate and it's been an incredible place to grow and develop my skills. The day-to-day is dynamic and challenging in the best way. Everyone supports everyone and there is space for continuous innovation and change. There's definitely never a dull moment at Intragen!"

Alex De Vries Solutions Advisor

"There are so many wonderful things about working for Intragen. My favourite is probably the flexibility I have with my hours and the freedom to do my job as best as I see fit. I also love the company culture and enjoy collaborating with all departments and providing the best value to our customers."

Karin Smit Principal Consultant

"One of the best aspects of my role at Intragen is its variety - in a single project, I might have technical, functional and business responsibilities, so it's never boring. I love our teamwork and the open, positive communication we have, and it's great that we all get to know each other's cultures because we're spread across each region."

Jess Rowe Sales & Marketing Assistant

"Starting my career at Intragen after university has allowed me to learn so much about my own field, as well as the world of identity and access management, which I was completely new to. I've relished the opportunity to take on varied challenges in both a personal and professional sense, surrounded by supportive colleagues who are always happy to share their knowledge."

Silje van Duivenbode Business Consultant

"What I enjoy most about working at Intragen is that it’s diverse and challenging: there’s a large variety due to the different projects, and the complexity of the different user requirements and tooling that we implement is what keeps it interesting. My work can be analytical and creative when I’m implementing functional solutions; I enjoy problem-solving when I’m talking with business stakeholders; and when I’m delivering training or workshops, it’s engaging.”

Lida Middeldorp Office Manager

"What I like the most about working at Intragen is working with honest and respectful colleagues who value each other for what they are."



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