Faisal Syed Joins Intragen’s Expanding Leadership Team

Nov 19, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Faisal Syed has joined Intragen as Head of Business Consulting and Innovation. He brings twenty years of experience delivering complex business solutions on a global scale, primarily within the financial sector. His in-depth experience of Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and remediating cyber threats will further help drive Intragen’s capabilities and tools. Faisal commented, “Given the huge demand for IAM and Cyber expertise as a core part of digital transformation, coupled with the high quality of expertise within Intragen and private equity investment from FPE Capital, I am excited to be part of the evolution of Intragen”. If you want to hear more thoughts from Faisal, watch his video interview.


Intragen is expanding its senior management team, bringing in industry experts to aid accelerating growth. Broadening its offerings beyond IAM, Intragen is bringing in partners from additional branches of security to offer the solutions and expertise to provide a defence-in-depth strategy and guarantee compliance for its clients. FPE Capital backed Intragen in September 2019, and the organisation is now accelerating amidst a strong and fast security market, developing its unique methodology to assure fast and frequent success in security and identity projects. With their strong track record in private equity investment, FPE have allowed Intragen to deliver the highest possible quality and consistency with the right combination of investors and strategy. Faisal’s depth of knowledge and experience coupled with a pragmatic and collaborative leadership style will advance Intragen’s vision. Ian Yoxall, CEO of Intragen, commented, “Having exceptional talent, particularly senior talent with real world experience from industry is key to our growth strategy. Together with the board and our investors, FPE Capital, we welcome Faisal to the team. He is another great member to help with this journey and our clients will benefit from his background as a consumer of IAM solutions and his ability to engage with them and relate to their challenges.”

Founded in 2006, Intragen is expanding their first-class team of business and technical consultants to deliver the best quality end-to-end security and identity management solutions to help organisations both secure and optimise their environments. Furthermore, using this experience, Intragen has developed tools such as Intra1 eliminating the need for complex and never ending IAM implementations.

Faisal sees that Intragen is making rapid progress in successful deliveries in an ever-changing digital world, and his principles align with Intragen’s people-first attitude and emphasis on providing business value. He is particularly interested in Intragen’s newest software offering - Intra1. This turnkey identity governance and administration (IGA) solution enables businesses to rapidly set up an IGA solution with built-in best practices and customisable features. Intra1 allows businesses with limited resources to automate and simplify their systems in days rather than weeks or months, providing a futureproof solution with guaranteed compliance. Intragen pride themselves on reliability and consistency, and Intra1 has been developed meticulously to align with these principles.