Deployment Manager

Migrate configurations easily

The process of bringing a site live is difficult in any tool. That’s why we have developed Deployment Manager. One Identity Manager automates the process of building transports to migrate code changes from one environment to another. This is a combination of process and technology that step by step automates the promotion of code from test to production. But that’s not all you can do with deployment manager: all the functionality you can access via the GUI is now accessible from the command line. This means you can test any change in your test environment before running it in production.

Automate the Process

Instead of following a document and clicking through the tool to load identities and code, automate the process and save time now.

Want to do continuous integration testing?
Let the deployment manager extract and build your systems whenever you want.

Want to rebuild a sandbox environment for testing?
Whatever you need to build, deployment manager helps you de-risk the change and automate it saving time and money.

Need to migrate from Dell One Identity Manager v6 to Quest One Identity v7?
Find out how the deployment manager can make your migration smoother and cheaper.

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