Breach and Attack Simulation

Identify your weaknesses with 24/7 cloud-based monitoring.

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Stop Advanced Threats

The next cyber-threat is near impossible to predict as a result of constantly evolving techniques to bypass defences. Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) has been developed as a new approach to stay ahead of these threats and persistently challenge your organisation’s security measures to mimic a real-life threat environment before cyber criminals pose real threats.


Silent 24/7 Monitoring

There’s little point in monitoring your systems if it’s not 24/7. You need to know that your system is detecting an unobstructed threat as soon as possible. BAS comprises a set of technologies to challenge your defence system to reveal your weak points so you can reinforce them. Once reinforced, BAS continues to check the system with evolving strains of malware. 

No Software Required

Cloud-based monitoring enables you to skip the costly implementation of software or investment into your own IT infrastructure. BAS oversees your systems from the cloud, saving you both time and cost.

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Your Compliance Guaranteed

If you can reveal your security gaps and fix them ahead of threats, your risk of data breaches is significantly lowered and therefore so is your risk of non-compliance.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Knowing your weakest security points allows you to utilise existing security infrastructure in more efficient ways to tackle the gaps. Intragen offers a Product Utilisation Assessment to see where you might be losing out on a solution’s functionalities.

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