Security Information and Event Management

Track your security events for fast responses and guaranteed compliance.

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Mikko Raita Solutions Manager FI
Mikko Raita
Solutions Advisor

How Do You Know You’ve Been Hacked?

Monitor your organisation’s threats in real-time so you can detect and identify security events. SIEM software allows your organisation to track security events and significantly increase the efficiency of responding. You don’t want to find out 6 months down the line that your data has been breached. A SIEM solution enables automated mechanisms to stop attacks as they happen.


Your Compliance, Guaranteed

Remove the task of retrieving data yourself from multiple systems, applications and software. SIEM retrieves log data from multiple sources to generate a report of security events that acts as proof to meet compliance requirements.

Save Millions

Track and monitor security information with SIEM to identify threats and avoid paying millions in ransom money to retrieve stolen data. A SIEM solution’s cost is negligible in comparison to the potential cost of a ransomware attack so don’t make the mistake of previous organisations!


Secure Your Systems Fast

In today’s cyber-threat environment, your organisation needs fast implementation so a SIEM solution can immediately add value to your business. You can rely on Intragen’s expertise and experience for maximum results in minimum time. With a SIEM solution, your organisation could greatly reduce the impact of a breach, saving money and preventing irreparable damage to IT systems.

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