Intragen Launches 24/7 IAM Support

Jul 20, 2021 11:11:18 AM

Intragen releases a new offering for clients to obtain immediate support for issues with their Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

20th JULY 2021 | Intragen today announced their 24/7 IAM Support. Intragen’s 24/7 IAM Support offers organisations’ IT teams the relief of knowing that Intragen’s senior IAM professionals are always a phone call away to resolve immediate support requirements.

The new offering complements Intragen’s Managed Services offering and covers IAM solutions including Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) as a service or managed service. The 24/7 support service allows for high priority issues to be resolved as quickly as possible without waiting until the next business day.

“Increasingly we see that companies want to get on with their core business,” says Ian Yoxall, CEO at Intragen. “Running and maintaining these systems is often yet another task on an already burdened internal IT department. Our customers can sleep easy in the knowledge that their systems are operational, and our team is ready no matter when issues arise. They can focus on what’s important for their business.”

Managed service providers (MSPs) often use offshore outsourcing to be able to deliver 24/7 support to their clients. Intragen made the decision to deliver their support service with their own senior IAM consultants to take advantage of in-house expertise and experience for a premium-level offering. Their team is available 24/7 for immediate support for clients.

Identity management is becoming critical for many businesses and 24/7 support is often mandatory for organisations to run and maintain their systems without risk of downtime. Earlier this year Gartner stated that organisations are lacking the skills and resources to effectively manage IAM challenges. Intragen is harnessing the expertise of its consultancy team to bring a new offering to the fast-evolving IAM market not long after their announcement at the end of 2020 of their turnkey identity governance SaaS solution, Intra1.

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About Intragen: Founded in 2006, Intragen is the identity-led security advisory and solution implementation partner. Intragen has implemented over one hundred Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects with their team of IAM experts and is continuously developing its offerings to meet the evolving demand of remote workforces, cloud environments and growing security threats. 

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