Privileged Access Management

Guard your organisation’s master key.

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Colin Miles
Colin Miles
Professional Services Manager

Create Firebreaks in your Data Forest

Privileged accounts are those that have broad access to the system and can provide authorisation to bypass security measures. If the wrong person gains access to these accounts, they can move around the company system. Reduce the attack surface of your organisation by implementing Privileged Access Management (PAM) and protect privileged accounts.


Guard the Master Key

Unlimited access from privileged accounts is often something overlooked and not effectively protected because the IT administrators in control are not controlled themselves. Your organisation requires a solution to overcome this challenge and detect misuse of privileged accounts. Assign privileges and access to administrators based on their role and need with a PAM solution. You can reduce human error and save time by automating the onboarding of privileged accounts as part of your solution that Intragen can implement.

Your Compliance, Guaranteed

Privileged accounts are the make or break of security and compliance in today’s environment of cyber threats. Ensure compliance with the best PAM solution and fast implementation. You can optimise your reports by integrating Identity Management systems with Privileged Access Management systems. You can rely on Intragen's team of experts with their experience of implementing and integrating solutions from start to finish. 


Fast Implementation

In today’s cyber-threat environment, your organisation needs fast implementation so a PAM solution can immediately add value to your business. You can rely on Intragen’s expertise and experience for maximum results in minimum time. With a PAM solution, your organisation could greatly reduce the impact of a breach, saving money and preventing irreparable damage to IT systems.

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