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Karin Smit
NL Country Manager

Prioritise Your Customers with CIAM

Creating a seamless digital experience for your customers shows that they're your priority.

If your customers feel as though they aren’t a priority, they might leave to find a better experience elsewhere.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) streamlines the digital experience for your customers while protecting their data.

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Improve Customer Experience

Create a seamless customer experience with frictionless, passwordless sign-on.

Protect Customer Data

Securely collect, store and share customer data while maintaining convenience.


Reduce Operational Costs

Automate customer management workflows to save on manual admin costs.

Optimise Business Value

Enable results through trust-building to increase customer lifetime value.

Prioritise Your Customers

Customers are easily frustrated by digital experiences that don't match expectations. A clunky sign-on experience is likely to impact the customer's view of your organisation. The result? Low brand loyalty and high abandonment rates.

With Single Sign-On (SSO), customers receive a frictionless log-in experience, using a single identity for all your services. 

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Secure Your Customer Identities

When organisations do not comply with privacy regulations like GDPR, they can receive fines of up to €20 million, and vulnerabilities expose customer data to the risk of breach. 

With the right customer authentication and authorisation solution, customer experience is not sacrificed for strong security. Customers stay happy, and their data stays safe.

Improve Efficiencies - ROI of CIAM

Organisations can spend thousands on manual customer management workflows and run the risk of costly data breach and non-compliance fines.

CIAM can reduce manual workflow costs by as much as 99%. Enabling self-service account management for customers removes admin-heavy manual tasks and offers more freedom to the customer.

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Optimise Business Performance

When customer identity is neglected rather than prioritised, customer trust and loyalty suffer. 

By innovating your customer experience with a streamlined CIAM solution, you will increase customer confidence, leading to an increase in revenue through customer retention and lifetime value.

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What CIAM can do for you:

2022_01_users_icon    Improve Customer Experience

2022_01_secure_icon   Protect Customer Data

2022_01_down-arrows_icon    Reduce Operational Costs

2022_01_trust_icon   Optimise Business Value


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