Identity Governance and Administration

Ensure the right people have access to the right things to do their job, and nothing more.

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Karin Smit Principal Consultant
Karin Smit
Principal Consultant NL

Everyone is Affected by Your IGA

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions impact every single person in your organisation. You need to know who your users are, who has access to what and that the relevant access is approved, changed or revoked when an employee joins, leaves or changes position.


Your Compliance, Guaranteed

Managing every identity in your organisation is essential for compliance in today’s environment of cyber threats. Ensure your organisation’s compliance with a strong IGA solution and fast implementation. You can rely on Intragen’s team of experts with their experience in implementing and integrating hundreds of solutions from start to finish.

Identity Governance: The Fundamentals to Avoid Data Breach

Learn about the fundamental use cases and best practices of Identity Governance in our 19-page downloadable guide. 

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Simplify and Automate

Improve your business processes by simplifying and automating your IGA solutions with Intragen’s bespoke tools. Your implementation risks, cost and time are reduced with Intragen’s unique Deployment Manager and Deployment Accelerator tooling. Combining One Identity Manager as a best-of-breed product with our own tooling automates product delivery and optimises user lifecycle processes and user information imports. Your IGA solution is fast and easy with Intragen.

identity governance and administration (iga)

Visualise and Monitor Your Defences

What does a “good” IGA solution look like for your organisation? Find out by visualising the key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly impact your business drivers to improve your cost efficiency, reduce risks and guarantee compliance. Your organisation could be experiencing thousands of password resets and orphaned accounts every month, costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Intragen can show you a KPI report to visualise where your weaknesses lie and find you the solutions to tackle them.

Go Live in Days, Not Months

Your current system can be assessed by Intragen to determine your weaknesses. Your IGA system will be live in days for you to reap the benefits of simplification and automation in your systems after our team has planned and designed a personalised solution based on your organisation’s needs. Identity Governance and Administration is a journey and you need the right people to accompany you for the trip. You can trust us to execute your project because we know we can get you live.

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identity governance and administration (iga)