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The Partner Program

Intragen is a leader in providing IAM Solutions to a broad range of clients across Europe.
Our Partner program is designed to help you access the unique software tools we’ve developed from more than a decade’s work with One Identity Manager.  Deployment Manager and Deployment Accelerator will help you as an MSP / CSP - and your clients - bring automation to your IGA services. The result: Faster time to value and reduce costs.
In becoming an Intragen Partner you will be able to resell our Software to your end clients or wrap them into your own service offerings.
Additionally, our Partner Program allows you to access Intragen’s broader IAM capabilities which range from Business Consulting, Maturity Assessments, Project Implementation, and Managed Services to help you deliver a more complete set of IAM capabilities to your clients.


Partner Benefits


Greater value

Enhance your One Identity Manager solutions and create greater value for your clients



Lightning bolt


Bolster your earnings through our generous discount scheme





Recurring revenue

Gain an additional recurring revenue stream, our software is very sticky once implemented


Multiple users

Professional services

Gain access to our market leading One Identity Professional Services and Managed Services practices spanning the One Identity portfolio

Partner Application Form

To become a partner please complete the application form below. Once submitted our team will contact you within 2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will Intragen support me in the sale of Intra1 to my end client?

Intragen has a support network of sales and pre-sales resources across EMEA to assist with any sales engagements.  You will be assigned an Account Manager who will be your focal point for orchestrating any resources you may need.


We can work with you either behind the scenes or alongside you with your client, that is your choice.

Over time we are confident that we will be able to transfer skills and knowledge to you, such that you can run with your own sales engagements.

How much margin can I expect to make on reselling Intra1?

Our program is designed to offer our resellers the ability to earn an average of 20% margin on each sale.  We do not set the end user price, so you can reduce or even increase the end user price based on the specific sales scenario.

How do I register a deal with Intragen?

You will need to log into the partner portal on the Intragen website here you will find the online 'Deal Registration' form to complete.


This form asks a short number of questions to provide us with more information about the opportunity. We will then review the request and either approve it, or come back to you with more questions if additional information is required.


The response will be sent to you by email from


We aim to respond to your request within two working days.

Can Deployment Manager and Deployment Accelerator be licensed separately?

Yes, these are individual products with their own independent pricing, however it is usual for clients to purchase both together to maximise the value from the tool-sets.

How do I contract with Intragen as a reseller?

Intragen has its own software reseller contract however, we are willing to review and adopt any purchasing contracts that you may already have, we want to be as flexible as possible to allow you to sell our products.  In these instances we would need to review the terms and may apply for changes if they deviate too far from our standard terms and conditions.

Are there any professional services required when I sell Intra1 to an end user and does this come from Intragen or from me as a reseller?

Intragen do not anticipate the need for any additional professional services. 


We do however have a minimum 2-day Training Package requirement which needs to be purchased with both Deployment Manager and Deployment Accelerator.  Prices can be found for this package within the Price Book and would be sold by yourselves as the Reseller. 

How is Intra1 priced? Can I get additional discounts if needed?

Intra1 products (Deployment Manager and Deployment Accelerator) are subscription-based licenses. They are priced independently so they can be sold separately however pricing is identical and is driven by how many identities a client has in their enterprise. 


With an approved Deal Registration your buy price is discounted at 20% off list price. 


Should an improved price be needed to reach your clients requirements, please reach out to your allocated Account Manager or send an email to  


Standard pricing is offered on a three or five year term however, one year can be provided on request.  

Who is my point of contact at Intragen?

Once registered as a Reseller you will be assigned an Account Manager from Intragen who will be your point of contact for everything.  However, support for our software will be provided through the usual ticketing process.

Does One Identity support Intra1?

Intragen’s Deployment Manager and Accelerator is officially endorsed by One Identity as an integration module.

Support for the software is provided by Intragen.

Who should I contact for more information?

If you have any questions or require additional support please contact the team at .


What sales and technical training will Intragen provide me?

Intragen will be running regular sales and technical classes which you will be invite to as a registered partner, should you need something additional, or more bespoke, please discuss this with your Intragen Account Manager. 


We will also provide sales and technical assets which can be found on our website.

Can Intragen help to demo Intra1 to new client prospects?

If you would like assistance with demoing Intragen’s Deployment Manager and Deployment Accelerators to a potential customer, please contact your account manager to schedule a demo.


Intragen has dedicated pre-sales engineers who can demo the solutions.  We also aim to create a series of Demo Videos and make them available to our Partner Community.


How is Intra1 deployed?

There are no specific hardware requirements, we recommend running Deployment Manager on the same host where the OIM tooling resides (Designer, Manager, etc).


The Intragen Deployment Manager is a powershell module which uses the One Identity Manager DLLs to communicate with the Object Layer API. A direct connection to the database is required, connecting through an AppServer is currently not supported.


The Intragen Deployment Accelerators consists of custom processes, scripts and configuration parameters which are imported into the OIM main database using Deployment Manager.

What is Intragen’s development cycle for Intra1 and how are new releases rolled-out?

Intragen’s Deployment Manager has an active roadmap. All active versions from One Identity Manager are supported. If a new version of One Identity Manager is released, Intragen will add support for the new version to Deployment Manager and release an updated version of Deployment Manager within two weeks of the One Identity Manager release date.

If a new version of Deployment Manager is released, you will be informed via email and provided with a link to download the new version.  


The Intragen Deployment Accelerators are validated and tested against every new release of One Identity Manager. Updated versions are provided in case code or underlying schema changes in One Identity Manager which require updates in the Deployment Accelerators.

Reseller Terms and Conditions

In order to become an Intragen Partner we will require you to sign both the Intragen Non-Disclosure and Reseller Agreements. 

Should you wish to deploy Intragen Software for trial purposes you will also need to sign a copy of the Software Evaluation Licence Terms. 

The relevant documents will be sent to you for signature once your Partner Application has been approved.