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Are you trying to tackle an access control challenge?

Intra1 is your all-in-one fully-managed solution if...

Turnkey Identity Governance IGA solution

You want to accelerate your path to compliance with a simplified, turnkey Identity Governance (IGA) solution.
best practice IGA

You want a comprehensive set of best practices without the need for consulting or custom development.
Active directory system control

You are seeking a system to control accounts and groups in security repositories such as Active Directory.
upgrades and patches IGA cloud based managed services solution

You want someone to take over the constant upgrades and patches so you can focus on the important tasks.
cost effective IGA identity governance cloud managed service solution

You’ve used budget on expensive IGA before, but they left you without necessary support.
identity governance iga managed service cloud solution

You’d have peace of mind knowing someone was there to handle the day-to-day management.

Now, you can finally focus on the challenges that matter.

You’re in trusted hands. We’ve worked with the world’s leading brands, notching up 50+ years of aggregated experience delivering enterprise Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions. We’ve combined experience and best practices into a powerful cloud-based IGA platform: Intra1.

IGA made easy on-prem cloud applications managed service

Enterprise IGA, simplified

Your systems could be up and running in days rather than weeks or months. Intra1 delivers best practice IGA processes in an out-of-the-box solution. Easily integrate all your application systems and authoritative sources with configurable connections, all as a cloud-managed Identity Governance as a Service model. 

Accelerate compliance

Deliver the proper level of access quickly, securely and with compliance. Intra1 is quick to deploy so you immediately know who your users are and who has access to what. Approve, change or revoke relevant access when an employee joins, leaves or changes position.

Automate user lifecycle identity governance managed service cloud solution
Best practice identity governance cloud managed service solution

Governance made easy

Identity governance is essential for compliance in today’s highly regulated business environment. Quickly satisfy your request, approval and recertification requirements. Avoid manually reporting data and provide auditors with everything they need.

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