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Unlock the power of seamless identity management with our consultancy services,
where expertise meets efficiency for your digital evolution.

Our IAM consultancy services are recognised across Europe for their bold, imaginative vision and execution. Working as a strategic, collaborative partnership, we cut through IAM complexity – taking you to a secure, flexible future faster and with less risk.

Our consultancy expertise focuses on stakeholder engagement, transparent communication, and a working consensus, paving the way for IAM success that drives meaningful business outcomes. Choose Intragen for a strategic IAM vision that shapes success.

Building support for IAM success

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The framework

  • IAM success goes beyond technology; it involves building support through stakeholder engagement.
  • We guide IAM leaders in building agreement around program scope, objectives and priorities, ensuring smooth deployments.
  • We follow Gartner's framework, acknowledging the importance of four key artefacts in an IAM program, with the vision taking centre stage.

Stakeholder engagement

  • Identify and engage key stakeholders crucial to the IAM program's success.
  • Collaborate with representatives to craft a shared vision that aligns with business objectives.
  • The IAM vision evolves through stages of refinement, including scoping, roadmap integration, business case alignment and periodic reviews.
  • We focus on maintaining a working agreement among stakeholders, facilitating relationships, and transparently communicating program objectives.

Vision development

  • Conduct insightful interviews and workshops to understand stakeholder perspectives and incrementally build a dynamic vision.
  • Share drafts with stakeholders for transparent feedback, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach.

Our capabilities

Program startup

We specialise in kickstarting IAM programs, ensuring a robust foundation for success.

IAM strategy

Craft tailored IAM strategies that align with your organisational goals and industry best practices.

Change management

Guide you through effective change management, ensuring smooth transitions and stakeholder buy-in.

Vendors & tech

Leverage our expertise to navigate the landscape, selecting vendors and technologies aligned with your IAM vision.

Project management

Drive your IAM projects with precision, ensuring timelines and objectives are met. 

Quality assurance

Ensure the highest standards of quality in every facet of your IAM program.



We are IAM innovators. Out-of-the-box thinkers.

Everything our expert, dedicated team of IAM professionals do is focused on one outcome: accelerating your IAM success.


We share your mindset

We become an extension of your business, collaborating closely to plan, deliver and manage your IAM projects at pace and with confidence.

Growth-focused IAM

We cut through IAM complexity with simple proven identity transformation solutions geared to accelerating time to value and lasting return on investment.


Proven and simple

Our innovation-led identity transformation methodology is proven across countless deployments and delivered by the sharpest IAM talent in the industry.


From enhancing your security posture to managing the entire lifecycle of user identities.
Our solutions have you covered.

Industry Governance
 & Administration

Achieve desired outcomes faster and reduce the risk of failure with industry-leading IGA-as-a-Service.

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Privileged Access Management

Effectively control and monitor privileged users who have access above and beyond standard users.

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Customer Identity 
& Access Management

Create an agile, seamless digital experience for those most precious people: your customers.

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Access Management SSO & MFA

Control user access to resources, using SSO to simplify authentication and help people work smarter.

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