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Navigating the complexities of Identity and Access Management (IAM) integration is fraught with challenges. Successfully harmonising human factors, cutting-edge technology, and standardised processes often proves elusive in the ever-evolving landscape of IAM. Acknowledging these hurdles, Intragen steps in as your trusted partner to not only address but overcome the inherent problems associated with IAM integration. As evidence of our commitment, we proudly hold the title of One Identity Premier Platinum + Partner, a distinction achieved by only two other One Identity partners, showcasing our prowess in customer service, expertise, and innovation.

Our integration delivery approach:

  • Seamless transition and industrialised execution are achieved with cutting-edge automation, leading to yearly efficiency improvements.
  • Flexible and scalable delivery model with an allocated pool of resources
  • Practical applications from our experience and industrialised processes


Intragen stands as a beacon of integration excellence, driven by a commitment to human factors, advanced technology, and standardised processes.

Join us in shaping a future where seamless integration is not just a goal but a standard we set for the industry:



Human Factors Excellence

At Intragen, we recognise the pivotal role of human factors in the integration landscape. Our team of trained and certified consultants brings a wealth of experience to the table.


Technological Prowess

Embracing the power of DevOps, we integrate it into our development and deployment processes. Beyond industry standards, we have developed bespoke technologies, including:

  • Deployment Manager - A Powershell module which simplifies deployment of objects to a One Identity Manager database.
  • Deployment Accelerator - This suite consists of the Life Cycle Accelerator and Import Accelerator, leveraging automated testing for enhanced efficiency and automation, and Test Automation Accelerator. optimizing testing and synchronization for accelerated project timelines and improved data gathering.


Deployment Cards
- Your Recipe for Success:

Drawing on our extensive experience, we introduce Deployment Cards – deep-level analysis cards that serve as implementation guides. Each Deployment Card represents a project, providing a standardised approach to deployment quality. Think of it as a recipe book for IGA projects, ensuring consistency and excellence across every implementation.

Unlock the full potential of your IAM journey with Intragen's robust integration capabilities.

We specialize in:


1. Systems Integration

Seamlessly unite diverse systems within your organisation's IAM infrastructure, fostering a cohesive network for efficient identity and access management. cohesive network for efficient 

2. Software Installation and Configuration:

Ensure a smooth setup as our experts handle the installation and configuration of IAM software, tailored precisely to your organisation's requirements.

3. Integration & Deployment:

Seamlessly combine and deploy diverse systems within your organisation's IAM infrastructure, fostering a cohesive network for efficient identity and access management. efficient identity and access management.

4. Customisation:

Tailor integration and deployment strategies to match the unique aspects of your organisation, allowing for a flexible and personalised approach to IAM and IGA integration. approach to IAM and IGA integration. approach to IAM and IGA integration.

5. Knowledge Transfer and Training:

Empower your team through our knowledge transfer and training programs, cultivating a skilled workforce capable of effectively managing and optimizing your IAM solutions.

6. Solution and Architecture Design:

Trust our proficiency in crafting tailored solutions and architecture designs, providing a solid foundation for your IAM infrastructure's scalability, security, and long-term success.

Elevate your IAM projects with Intragen

 Where innovation meets implementation.

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