Next-Generation Identity and Access Management (IGA) Solution

Achieve Desired Outcomes Faster And Reduce Risks Of Failure With Industry-Leading IGA-as-a-Service.

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Take The Complexity Out Of Managing Your Identity And Access Governance Needs


Automated User Lifecycle

Automate the management of user access throughout their lifecycle, including provisioning and deprovisioning , to reduce time to value. 

Simplify Complience

Quickly fulfill request, approval and recertification needs while automating reporting to make audits easier. 
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Eliminate the manual efforts and mitigate the risk of human error while saving operational costs with automated IGA workflows. 
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Enable Scalability

Remove bottlenecks for fast-pacing digital acceleration by centralising and automating your polices and processes. 

Why you benefit from IGA-as-a-Service?

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Achieve fast results by followingphased approach with fixed-scope services Intra1 designed for any type of organisation, industry, and IT maturity.  

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Avoid expensive mistakes and implement world-class Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions through proven methodology, best practices and real-world experience from 100's of projects across Europe. 

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Improve your SLA with instant access to industry expertise from over 15 years of protecting digital identities and preventing unauthorized access for more than 150 organisations. 
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Reduce the need for expensive senior consultants by 70% with the use of Intragen's Deployment Cards and avoid budget overspend with predictable fixed-fee solutions. 

Designed To Help Any Type Of Organisation


Intra1 Fast Start

Easily integrate necessary identity and access management features into your organisation using user-friendly wizard configurations and pre-made templates, even without dedicated specialists on your team.

Intra1 Enterprise

Accelerate your identity governance process and achieve quicker results by utilizing full lifecycle management and automation, industry best practices, and built-in tools.

Intra1 DevOps

Maximize benefits of a DevOps approach to identity governance and administration by utilizing continuous integration, delivery, platform pipelines, and the expertise of Intragen specialists.

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Are you looking for a deployment solution that delivers results?

Look no further than our Deployment Cards. Our methodology is specifically designed to define requirements and scope of delivery in a clear and concise way. By leveraging commonalities between projects, we're able to avoid duplicating systems, saving you time and money. With our fixed pricing, you'll never have to worry about budget overspending. Plus, our approach leads to faster implementation and an immediate return on your investment. Eliminate risks of failure with Intragen Deployment Cards.


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