Financial Services

Vast amounts of sensitive data and assets are at risk of attack.

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Daniell Kilian Technical Consultant
Daniell Kilian
Technical Consultant UK

Your Compliance, Guaranteed

Financial services organisations must meet the strict data privacy regulations such as GDPR, FCA, PSD2 and KYC that can have an impact on your operations and return on investments (ROI). Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is one excellent solution to monitor and track security events for compliance purposes.

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Defence Against Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals are continually developing more sophisticated techniques to bypass security measures. This is particularly pertinent in the financial services industry due to the assets at stake. Your organisation could prevent brand-destroying ransomware attacks and save millions in ransom money by using solutions like Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) to monitor your security systems

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Seamless User Experience

As organisations digitise their business, it is crucial to not only protect your customers’ data but also create a seamless online experience for them. Using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) in your online services significantly improves both user experience and security.

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Know Your Weaknesses

You can’t improve your Identity and Access Management if you don’t know how good your organisation’s systems currently are. Identify your weaknesses with Intragen’s IAM maturity assessment and Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) and you could improve business processes with simplification and automation of your current systems.

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IT Support

If your organisation does not have an expert IT team in-house, you can trust Intragen to manage your systems, resolve problems before they arise and ensure that you meet regulations and remain secured.

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Your corporate security and productivity rely on experience and expertise to plan, design and deliver solutions. You shouldn’t waste your own valuable time when Intragen provides security assessments to determine what your current security looks like and where you want to be. Our expert team of consultants have years of experience executing identity and security projects.

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Avoid cyber-attacks and optimise productivity with our range of solutions, implemented by our expert team of consultants and tailored to your organisation’s needs. Find out what solutions you could implement in your business for guaranteed compliance, smooth access and strong security.

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