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Colin Miles Professional Services Manager UK
Colin Miles
Chief Services Officer

Start with the Business

Learn how identity and access management (IAM) solutions can revolutionise your organisation’s security and productivity with our workshops. Understand the biggest challenges companies face in IAM so you can optimise functionality of all solutions. Choose what you learn with our standard and custom courses. Identity and access management solutions can be complex. The more you understand your own systems and how to protect them, the lower the cost to your organisation.

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Customise Your Training

Every organisation has different training needs. You can pick and choose which aspects of identity management (IDM) and security you want to learn with our advice on the most up-to-date information. Educate your own team according to your own needs.

Your Possibilities

Our standard courses cover developer training, functional administration, operational administration and role management. Or customise your training with aspects from our standard courses as well as a vast range of topics, including:


Management in IDM


Road map




Agile IDM


Business processes

Add Person

User lifecycles


Role modelling


Target systems


Data import


Governance, risk and compliance

Learn What We Learn

The training you receive from Intragen is the same training we give our professional consultants. You will learn from our best practices and all our experience that we pass on to new generations of consultants, developers and project managers.


Learn Remotely

Wherever you are in the world, you will experience the best aspects of our in-person workshops in virtual form. With offices in multiple countries, we are highly experienced in remote work and international communication.

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