IAM Cloud Migration

Migrate on-premises Identity and Access Management to the Cloud with end-to-end visibility.

Lida Middeldorp
Office Manager


Enable an efficient cloud migration project with maximum ROI.


Gain an end-to-end view of performance, user identity and access, and cost analysis.


Cost Savings

Reduce ownership and maintenance costs with application migration.


Trust an expert team to guide you on your IAM cloud migration journey.

Ensure a Seamless Project

Businesses are in a digitalisation race to keep pace with their competition. However, failing to establish a roadmap with measurable KPIs leads to prolonged project timelines, unexpected costs, and disruption to end users.

Intragen can assess your current state and desired end point to build a cloud migration project plan. A roadmap enables measurable results for maximising ROI.

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Gain Insight Into Performance and Security

Before, during and after a cloud migration, it can be a challenge to maintain visibility of:

  • Performance insights - KPIs and metrics
  • Security - user identity and access 
  • Usage and costs - utilisation analysis

A lack of visibility into these aspects of a cloud migration project can result in incorrect cost projections, extended deadlines, and the IT team often ends up with the blame.

Working with Intragen's Cloud IAM experts provides visibility into these key areas, ensuring a streamlined, secure cloud migration with accurate cost projections.

Reduce Operational Costs

Organisations can spend thousands on the ownership and maintenance of hardware and on-premises solutions for their Identity and Access Management. 

Moving to the Cloud is already a way to save your business the operational costs incurred by on-premises IAM solutions, but sometimes there are unforeseen costs. With Intragen's IAM Cloud experts, there is full transparency into the project costs, with our guidance on cost-effectiveness. 

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No In-House Team? No Problem

In-house experts are great to have, but retention and upskilling can be costly. Rather than relying on an internal team, you can trust Intragen's IAM Cloud specialists to accomplish your cloud migration goal.

Looking for guidance on how to migrate? Wanting an experienced team to migrate your applications to the Cloud efficiently and securely? Trust Intragen.

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Why Intragen's IAM Cloud Migration is for you:

2022_01_roadmap_icon   Roadmap and measurable project steps

2022_01_visibility_icon  Visibility into performance, security and costs

2022_01_down-arrows_icon  Cost-effective project and maximum ROI

2022_01_expert_icon   IAM Cloud experts to rely on


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