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Over 100 successful IAM projects implemented.

Mikko Raita Solutions Manager FI
Mikko Raita
Solutions Manager FI

Save Your Own Time

Identity Management (IDM) projects involve many tasks running in parallel and many people and resources used for specific timeframes. You will save time and money with Intragen because we have the team, methodology and unique automation tooling to plan and execute for you.

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Make Data-driven Decisions

Your organisation’s data could be stored in an identity warehouse for quick and easy reference throughout the rest of your IDM journey. Governance Mode, our identity warehouse process, allows you to understand your data so that every action taken from that point is data driven.

Security is a continuous process, not a static state.

Intragen's Identity and Access Management (IAM) security assessment is a collaborative effort, bringing together our analysts and experts with your team and organisation.

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Fast and Frequent Successes

Your organisation needs to know it’s reaping the benefits of a project. Reduce risks and increase business value with our Agile DevOps methodology. We reduce the size of implementations to work fast and deliver you exactly what you need, leaving you with the ability to manage your own systems.


Strengthen Your Analysis

Understand your requirements by using our structured analysis method: Core IDM. You will have a comprehensive, organised record of your requirements in the Core IDM to return to throughout analysis, implementation, testing and support. This record will illustrate how all components come together. Every one of our consultants uses our powerful methodology to optimise every step of the project.

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