Intragen Launches Cloud-Native Turnkey Identity Governance SaaS Solution: Intra1

Jan 12, 2021 9:36:18 AM

12th January 2021 | Today, Intragen launches Intra1, its new cloud-native turnkey identity governance SaaS solution. Intra1 delivers a no-code service for businesses to rapidly deliver an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. With built-in best practices and customisable features, it allows organisations to automate and simplify their access control processes within days rather than months. With Intra1, processes including joiner, mover, leaver (JML) and attestations are set up for automation and immediately ensure compliance and cost-savings.

Identity Governance Simplified

Poor management of identities and access within an organisation can result in low productivity, high manual costs and risk of data breach. If an organisation is looking to transfer the risks associated with poor identity governance, Intra1 allows organisations with minimal or no identity governance experience to set up all the fundamental IGA use cases in days rather than months with best practices built in.

Intra1 has been meticulously developed by a team of Identity Governance experts at Intragen who have implemented hundreds of IGA solutions for businesses since 2006. The solution has been created to ensure security and compliance without the worries associated with the complexity and overheads. It removes the need for long project and infrastructure costs of implementing a custom solution. And allows IT teams to focus on the challenges that matter rather than spending time, money, and manual effort on user management.

The unique IGA-as-a-Service model with built-in configuration wizards supports quick and easy deployment of enterprise-grade IGA. Key features of Intra1 include:

  • Automated user lifecycle processes (JML)
  • Role-based access control
  • Request, approval, and re-certification of access
  • Application management
  • Management of privileged access
  • Auditing and reporting

To find out more about Intra1 and how it can help you tackle access control challenges, you can download the full overview here, visit the site, or contact one of our team.

Intra1 Webinar: 11am GMT Thursday 28th January

For exclusive insight and a first look at the Intra1 UI, register for our webinar on the 28th of January 2021. You’ll hear about the common challenges associated with IGA and how Intra1 can provide your business the solution to these challenges.

About Intragen

Founded in 2006, Intragen has implemented over four hundred Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects with a team of experts specifically skilled in identity-led security. FPE Capital backed Intragen in September 2019, and the organisation is now accelerating amidst a strong and fast security market, developing its offerings to meet the evolving demands of remote workforces and growing security threats. With their strong track record in private equity investment, FPE have allowed Intragen to deliver the highest possible quality and consistency with the right combination of investors and strategy. Get in touch today to start a conversation about how Intragen can simplify, automate and innovate your IT systems for greater visibility, productivity and security.

Visit the Intra1 site