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Frequently Asked Questions

Intra1 Icon  What is Intra1?

Intra1 is Intragen's cloud-native turnkey SaaS solution with built-in best practices for simplified identity
governance and administration (IGA) processes.


Intra1 Icon  What is IGA?

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) centralises the control and management of identities and access within an organisation. IGA includes joiner, mover, leaver (JML) access control, access request and approval, provisioning of access and attestation of access as its core use cases.


Featured Content: Fundamentals Guide to IGA

The fundamental “front-door” to protecting access to your organisation’s
applications and data is a user’s identity. Ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability is mission critical. Understanding how data breaches can occur due to poor identity management is key in creating a cohesive strategy for protecting the identity and thus, your applications and data. Read more.

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Intra1 Icon  What do "SaaS" and "turn-key" mean in the context of Intra1?

Intra1 is a true turn-key solution - there is no expectation for the customer to write any code, not even pseudocode, as might be found in other "turn-key" solutions. Hence, you get the software-as-a-service you want, rather than an engineering project in the cloud. Intra1's simple configuration screens allow you to follow the steps and go live immediately.

Intra1 Icon  What are the benefits of Intra1?

  • Your organisation is secure and compliant without the worries of complexity, installation, configuration,
    customisation or management.
  • Best-of-breed enterprise-grade IGA as a cloud service with best practices built in.
  • Go live within days by using the simple user interface.
  • No day-to-day software management required.
  • Easy implementation and configuration for people and organisation management.
  • Automated seamless on-boarding and off-boarding processes.
  • Role-based access control for maximum control with minimum effort.
  • Simple, scalable request and approval model.
  • Application management across a range of infrastructure such as Azure Active Directory.
  • Visibility for auditors and managers.

Intra1 Icon  How do I know the solution is secure?

As a cybersecurity organisation, we take this question very seriously. To outline some of the security features, firstly, each customer will get their own Intra1 instance on their own secure segregated network so it’s isolated from all other customer instances. Secondly, the database is completely encrypted to ensure the data access is secure. Also, for any on-premises connectivity like AD, this is done via secure encrypted channels only. Furthermore, Intragen has ISO27001 certification.

Intra1 Icon  How long does it take to get set up?

This will depend on how much support you need, but once the infrastructure is set up, you have an option of 5 or 10 days consultancy – this will provide you with training, best practices, advice and guidance for the set-up. Once
this is done, we don’t expect you to need further consulting and the managed support service will manage the infrastructure for you.

Intra1 Icon  How can I get more information?

Intra1 Icon  Who would you typically expect on the customer side to manage Intra1?

Firstly, it is not mandatory to have anyone with expertise of identity governance in your organisation or a big team of IT experts! It is most important to pinpoint a coordinator as your representative who will either know the
organisation’s requirements or will pull in the necessary people like HR to get the correct information on what processes are required for joiners, movers and leavers for example. We tend to work with HR Managers or IT administrators as coordinators.

Intra1 Icon  What is the pricing model?

Intra1 is priced using a subscription model (per user, per month) depending on the number of users in your organisation. Get in touch for a VIP demo to have a conversation about your requirements.