Getting you live faster

Prebuilt objects designed to leverage the out of the box functionality even faster

User LIFE-CYCLE Accelerator

  • Accelerates Joiner/Leaver life cycle configuration and customization, removing the need for most customization
  • Express user life-cycle events in configuration
  • GUI allows modifications of tasks and timing by administrators
  • Visualise the user life-cycle as a whole and the events per user
  • Pre-built configurable tasks for most user life-cycle challenges
  • Simple extension points for great flexibility
  • Able to manage the life-cycle of any object based on timed events

Import Accelerator

  • Accelerates data import patterns, removing the need for most customization
  • Configuration driven imports, removes the need for coding
  • Multi-stage imports driven by configuration (e.g. organizational information, person information, manager information from a single source or multiple sources)
  • Support multiple target systems of the same kind with a single import configuration, reducing the on-boarding time for new instances of a target system type
  • Built-in validation checking for data checking to target tables
  • Built-in threshold checking as absolute amounts or percentages for add/modify/delete, to gracefully handle failures of source systems or corruption in source data
  • Pre-built components for importing data from files, databases or between IDM tables
  • Pre-built components for data transformation
  • Comprehensive logging to help diagnose source system issues
  • Extension points for additional validation, error handling, data transformation etc. to support complex import requirements

IT-Shop Accelerator

  • Accelerates Web Portal and IT-Shop configuration and customization
  • Standard categories and requests for common services such as applications, system administration, hardware and software requests, approver management, service accounts etc.
  • Standard approval processes
  • Standard security and access model
  • Configurable process to create requestable items for target system entitlements
  • Automatically provide appropriate reports and management functions to target system owners
  • Simplify the on-boarding of new target systems into the request and approval mechanism
  • Simplify the branding of the Web Portal
  • Provides a consistent user experience with a flexible design

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