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Bart Bedet NL Sales Representative
Bart Bedet
Sales Representative NL

Remove Passwords

When your organisation’s IT security is outdated, you’re likely to incur high costs of managing and resetting passwords. Passwords and multiple sign-ons create weak points in your organisation’s security. 69% of employees share passwords, according to a study from Ponemon. Your organisation can remove the risk of human error by eliminating passwords altogether with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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Find Balance Between Security and Usability

Single Sign-On (SSO) enables one-click access to a user’s applications. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides users access after two or more pieces of identity evidence are given, such as a thumbprint scan and a USB drive. Implementing the two elements together provides security with MFA while maintaining ease of use once the user has proven their identity.

Improving IT Security: a guide to SSO, MFA and Ping Identity

When it comes to access management and security, we often turn to our partner Ping Identity. Ping is leading the Identity Defined Security revolution, making sure the right people can securely access the right things, without friction. Download the short guide to discover more.

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Seamless User Experience

Increase customer engagement and sustain trust from your employees and customers with an Access Management solution. With SSO and MFA, your customers, partners and employees will appreciate the smooth experience with your systems, especially in contrast to competitors’ systems with various passwords and multiple sign-ons obstructing their path.

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Save Hours of Time Per User

You could save 60% of time with Intragen’s Access Management (AM) solutions. One of our previous solutions involving external account requests saved 16 hours of work per external user. Increase efficiency and productivity with AM and implement your solution fast with Intragen’s expert team to immediately see the value.

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